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AuthorHenry Software
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity, GIMP
Tags2D, Fantasy, Monsters, Pixel Art, Robots, Roguelike, Sci-fi
Code licenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
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Hello I love the cute icons. Sorry but I am new. I purchased but I can’t find the pixel fonts. Is it inside the extract or somewhere else?

Hey, thank you for creating this awesome set - I really love it! If you like you can check out how strong your mobs are in my game :D :

Are you planning a release for bigger sprites like 64x64 for boss mobs? :)

thank you!

commercial use is fine(for making a game ofc not reselling or anything shady like that)?I only want use a png files modify them and using on my game.

Do they have an attacking animation?

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some do, some reuse the same animation from walk or idle and some use the same animation for all three...

you can click on the mobs here to attack, walk or turn

Hello, nicely done. If you don't mind i will use some of the models in my small project.

Thanks. You are welcome.


Hi again, I have finally compiled demo of my small project. All the mobs in a game are basing on this asset and I really like it :)

Ballsy Demo

cool, downloading the demo now, congrats

Hello how are you? Can I use them with 32x32px?

Love your work !


I'm not sure what's up, I bought the pack years back, but now when I try to download it, instead of downloading the asset pack as folders and pictures, I get a unity WebGL document that opens to a blank grey square.

i just rearranged it so the is before the in the files? please let me know if it works now? you can also access downloads from the "my library" link in top right menu drop down. otherwise i can maybe email it to you while i figure it out

download instead of that is the one that plays in the browser here


Absolutely love your work.  I bought the whole pack, and threw in a couple bucks to hopefully entice you:  Do you have any plans to make an isometric from a 45 degree angle?   (So instead of rectangular tiles, they would be diamond shaped?)  Also, what about character portraits?  Do you do custom work for people, and if so, at what price per hour?  Ping me!


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Thanks. Investigating.

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Fixed. Sorry.



I love your work, and I've picked up this as well as several other assets here... but do you have any plans to put out a set of human/humanoid animations similar to this? I'm not a fan of the Hero, so I was wondering if another non-mob offering might be in the cards. Thanks!

Hey dude, can i use these animations in my game and put your name in ending titles? :)


Yes. With or without credit. Thanks.

What degrees of motion do the sprites have? 8, 4 or just left and right?

Visually just one.  Left.
Easily get 2 with flipping.
Logically when moving can be 8. Right for sw, w, nw, n & Left for ne, e, se, s.

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var t = transform;
transform.localScale = new Vector3(t.localScale.x * -1f, t.localScale..y, t.localScale..z)

There seems to only be some unity files included in the downloads, but no PNG spritesheets as suggested by the description. Am I missing something?

sorry had the playable unity build set to download and the download set to play ops! fixed! thanks

Thanks for taking care of it so promptly!

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I still have this problem, just the unity files. (or I'm blind and can't locate the png folder?)

EDIT: nvm, found them all the way down underneath the NAME.png.meta files. Must be a quirk of my folder settings, my bad for not scrolling down far enough :) Great work!


I wrote a script to "split the PNG file for animation".

I love Henry Software :D

Dropbox DL link

thank you. but why the exe?

another good way to split sprites is

Set looks great! Is it possible to add card payment option?

We have added stripe and credit card payments. Thanks.

How do I apply animations to different-coloured mobs?(e.g. how do I animate the white slime)


you can select a place holder image using the Image Component
you can change the animation with the Animator Component
you can change the animation skin with the Mob Component

so to change the MobAur example to the white slime I changes the sprite to the white slime changed the animator to slime and changed the skin to F

Awsome work if i ever have a project with this type of style i know exactly what im using ;)

Deleted 1 year ago
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Sorry I do not have but these tools could do it.

I might have missed it, but was curious if there was any chance of the .png for the included asset 'Pixel Fonts!' might be added to the download for those who don't use the pack in Unity. I saw what I assume is the unity files for the fonts, but not the .png file/s.

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The png files are included with the PixelFont asset.
The png files can be extracted from other assets with Texture.EncodeToPNG() if you use Unity.
If you can not or will not get them any other way you can email me (rakkarage gmail com) from an address that has purchased a package with fonts included and I will email you the pngs back.

Thank you.

Thanks, I have Unity installed, just not my middleware of choice at the moment. Will have to boot it up and extract them, thanks for the info.

Thanks for the great work! I found the pixel effects first, but bought the whole lot of stuff. These mobs are just the thing I didn't even realise I needed.

Where can i find the pngs for every animation (walk, idle, attack)?

the sprites are not divided by animation. They ate divided by mob. Because some mobs share frames between animations.

Other then Unity are there any software to go irto and make changes to the files.

Yes, I do know I could use the PNG files in a lot of software but I just want to use it in the original format if possible.


Yes the 'original' format of the animations is Unity, but they are just text files so you could possibly decipher them. And yes the images are png so you can use it in any software. I apologize if this does not meet you needs, but i suppose no matter which software i set it up in, some would be 'left out'.

If i wanted to use them in another software i would download unity for free to see the animation sequences and timings and copy it manually or just recreate them.

And it is not just animation there is also a bit of code to choose a random animation for mobs that have more then one idle or attack animation. And 'code' to flip them when the face in certain directions.

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Where are the walk and attack animations for most of these? For example; the Chicken and Dog only have spritesheets of Idle and Pecking the floor/Barking, no walking. Are they supposed to slide a long the floor, or not move at all?

I'm not looking to use these for Unity that's why I need the spritesheets.

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I don't think it is 'most' but some do have non-standard animations

here chickens start in random idle state and switch idle animations a few times then walk right walk left and attack and back to random idle

attack: 1, 5, 6

idle0: 0, 1, 2, pause, 3, pause, 4, 1, pause, 2, pause, 3 pause, 4 pause, 1, pause, 2, pause, 3 pause, 4 pause (blink at start and every three cycles)

idle1: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (walk + headbob)

idle2: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 7, 8, 7, 8, 3, 4 (peck ground)

walk: 1, 2, 3, 4

Yes some are even more simple, maybe just 3 different speeds of the same frames...

Even if you are not going to use it might be worth it to install to just check out example animations and timings... for example the pause at the top of the slime jump/walk cycle etc...

The animations and sprite sheets are just text files and can be deciphered/understood with some exploring.
Though you are free to arrange them any way you like.


Hey Henry Software. I just bought a license to this art pack and I love most of the monsters! I agree with Crystal3lf's point though - many of them do not include walk cycles. You pointed out the chicken in your response -- the "walk" cycle has the body of the chicken bob, but the feet don't move, they will look like they're gliding across the ground. This isn't an issue obviously for things that float, but the chickens, dogs and cats are easy examples of walk animations that don't actually walk.

Am I missing something?

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You are right. Of course. Sorry.
Some, like cat and dog and chicken are "too simple" and just reuse a modified idle animation for walk and in some cases attack as well.
We will update (Add a few feet moving frames.) these animations as soon as possible.

  • cat - improve walk
  • dog - improve walk
  • chicken - improve walk

Please let us know which others need work.
Thank you.

Hi! Is this being looked into at all? I love these sprites but the lack of walking for most of the animals is making me regret this purchase :(

are these 4 directional sprites? or 1 perspective?

just one (well left facing and right facing so 2)


I'm not using Unity at all, do the sprites comes in the form of a spritesheet? or it's tied to Unity system?


Hey Scellow. Yup, they come as a separate .png!

Ok thanks, i'm purchasing this beauty right now!

I love your style, i hope to see more from you! :p

thanks man!


What kind of license is attached to this?




after further consideration