• Three pixel perfect bitmap fonts.
  • Includes Unity3D example and PNG files.

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PixelFonts.zip 120 kB


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Hello, I got a notification that there was an update for this product. May i ask what the nature of the update was? 

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Added: Source TTF (ST01R.TTF, VeniceClassic.ttf) (Freely available online, not mine)

Added: old fnt files,  Glyphs (osx app) (https://glyphsapp.com/) version of the fonts

I really love the font. Too bad I didn't check if it contained .ttf or .otf because I don't develop games. Just wished I could use it for my Twitch stream overlay :(

sorry about that! we can reimburse you. there are some decent free pixel ttfs out there though

Well it's kind of my fault and it wasn't that much anyway haha
But maybe just put some kind of notice on your store page just for future reference :)

done. cheers!