Dozens of dungeon tilesets and props, also includes 1 overworld village tileset!


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added some 'new' 'templates' to downloads :) thanks


I scooped up all your assets in the last sale. Beautiful work.

Question - would you happen to have any UI elements (or know of any) that fit your art style? I'm attempting to use your PixelMobs and RageTile packs to produce a game, but it's lacking a properly styled UI.

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Thanks :)

Very cool. Thank you, sir.


I purchased all of your sprites awhile ago; I love them.

Thank you for your support.

Love these. Really nice work.

thanks man!

A friend of mine is using your tiles for a game. Until I saw screens from it I had no idea that these tiles looked so nice. I don't think your previews are showing them off to their fullest. You might want to have a few previews that are easier to see the tiles in, maybe jpged if you're worried about people just taking them.

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion.

awesome! can you ask them to share their project with me? (the pixel artist) thanks and glad you like em!


Oh, dear. That would be me! I'll happily share the project once it's finished. It's just a small, basic thing in RPG Maker to show people that a game doesn't need to have 1000+ maps to be decent, or even playable, so I'm making the entire game in a single map. I'm finding these tiles to be quite versatile, with pretty minimal modifications, and I'm using Open Game Art characters.

added some code to use these tiles in unity

Added code to load the PixelLevel town.