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64 16x16 food sprites.

Included with:


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Food.png 22 kB
FreePixelFood.zip 126 kB


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Thank you <3

you did great also what software do you use I need some help on FREE pixel art apps if it's free.


You can try GIMP 

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The art was made with photoshop but ya gimp is nice or anything will do

https://www.photopea.com/ (nice online photoshop clone)

https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=Tyriar.luna-paint (if use vscode)

https://www.aseprite.org/ (i think free if compile yourself from github)



Great job

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These look amazing.

I used your sprites for a game jam ! The Bored Pixel Jam #8. It was one week jam, I finished 2nd, here is the link of the game if you want to try : https://cybertoasty.itch.io/cooking-heroes

It's a game about a demon gourmet cooking heroes to feed his customers ! You have to catch people, throw them into ovens and feed them to your clients !

And I love you food sprites ! 


I feel hungry already ;)

wow, it looks amazing!

Your icons are beautiful! Looking forward to using them all.

Can I use these to make game mods?The platform I want to publish requires commercial authorization.

Another is that you want me to sell or free of charge to release it?(If it's a sale, I'll pay you via paypal.)

Yes. Use them for whatever you like. Thanks.

Hey! I'm using your assets in a game i am developing and there is a test version up for download! Check it out! https://taleofartemis.itch.io/pixel-art-mash-up


Finally, Some Good Fucking Food

Спасибо за коллекцию ♥ Дай бог здоровья

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Thank you.

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Thank you so much for making this spritesheet available for free. I learned to make pixel art because of you, and was inspired by you to create a game. https://boredbonsai.itch.io/worms



Would you mind expanding on the license a bit? I mean, I know the name of the sprite pack is "Free Pixel Food!", but it'd still be nice to have something saying that it's okay to use this in a commercial project, etc.

Thanks :)

Yes you are free to use as you like. Thanks.

Thanks! :)

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Can i use the item in my game commercially?

May i use these food assets in a mod for terraria i am working on?


i swear i thought this was mc texture pack


great art can I use this in a game ?


Yes. Thanks.


can I use this in a game that i will sell on stores ? I won't sell the assets i will the game that I will made using the assets.



Yes. Thanks.


Nice sheets!!!!


good pixel art.

 thank you!!


Thank u for the assets c: should I just put Henry Software in the credits?


can but not required thanks


Thank you for your items, the time and effort that went into them. As someone making themselves understand pixel art for the sake of a custom Icon Set, I can appreciate how annoying and time consuming this can be. These are the bees knees!


Nice food items... Very retro feel..