• 16x16 animated (walk, idle, attack) pixel hero.
  • includes tintable layers for hair, accessories, shirt, pants and shoes.
  • Includes Unity3D example and PNG files.



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PixelHero.zip 480 kB


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Do you have base included? If not, is there one without a hood?

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ya you can disable most layers but the underwear is painted on :)

Is Unity required to use the fonts? I'd much prefere the raw images.

No Unity is not required. It includes the png. Thanks.

I can't seem to find the png files for the fonts. Here's a list of the png files I got in the zip: http://pastebin.com/Gzit717w

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Sorry they are separate in Pixel Fonts asset in this they are embedded in the font files... Can be extracted with a unity script... but I will just email them to you. Thanks.


I have one question. This assets requires unity or are independent images that can be used in other frameworks?

Thanks for your work

Yup, they come as .pngs and can be used however. and no prob! :D

Awesome work, I have to buy all your assets!! This is amazing!

Thanks man, glad you like them!